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  • When

    First we ensure that we make an appointment to valet your wheelie bin every 4 weeks on the same day as the local authority call to empty it.

  • Outside
    The Outside

    We use an industrial power washer to thoroughly clean the outside of the bin. We clean under the lid, top of the lid, the wheels, around and under the ‘lip’ and all other outside surfaces.

  • Inside
    The Inside

    We then lift the bin into a specialised vehicle where we use the industrial power washer to clean right into the bottom and corners. We ensure that we remove all residue food, garden waste or any smelly 'muck' that has built up in the bottom, corners and sides of your bin.

  • Finishing Touches
    Finishing Touches

    We make sure the bin is clean and hygienic before drying, disinfecting and deodorising. Once we are happy with the valet result, we return the bin to a point of your choice adjoining your house. We do not leave the bin strewn on the kerb or in a place where it can cause inconvenience.

  • Inside
    After the wheelie bin valet we post a letter and pre-paid envelope through your door which advises of your next cleaning day and outlines a discount structure which you can take advantage of. Simply choose your payment and send a cheque using the pre-paid envelope.

    All that from only £3.50 per bin per clean. No mess – No fuss!

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Call 01908 238225 or 07784 823559.


Or stop me in the street when I'm in your area the day your bins are emptied - look for the white van with the MK Bincare logo.


Or use this form:

"Let MK Bincare take care of your bin. We will clean and disinfect your wheelie bin every 4 weeks"